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Regal meadow has contracts servicing windows and doors in schools, hotels and offices.We believe regular services every year prevent further costs in the long run and keeps windows and doors operating smoothly, correctly and most importantly safely. By servicing you prevent rust, draughts and hinges/mechanisms failing these would all be causes of poor maintenance.

A service consists of lubricating all moving parts, rebates cleaned, hinges adjusted and reglazing of windows to prevent the operation being difficult to open/close



We repair all types of windows and doors, aluminium, UPVC, timber and steel

Repairs are a huge part of our service and is becoming more and more popular, where most companies will lead you to think a replacement is required Regal Meadow have the solution to improve your windows and doors, this saves our customers money and time.

Replacing misted up or cracked units

Replace all types of hardware, hinges, handles and locks

Regal meadow also replace all types of gaskets and sealants

Regal meadow stock a lot of hardware and therefore a lot of repairs can be completed the same day we pride ourselves on this.


Doors + Patio

If your patio/door has become very difficult to open/close Regal Meadow have a solution to save you money, we can replace all tracks, wheels and locks to have your patio/door back to full working order,


Do you suffer with draft through your windows? There is many things this could be and with free quotations Regal Meadow can give you a solution to stop drafts/noise and improve the security to your windows


We repair leaking roofs and guttering, we can repair and replace all parts of a conservatory roof quickly and efficiently to prevent damage to your property.


Leaded lights are a very rare and distinctive feature of buildings/property Regal Meadow can replace any pane of glass inside a leaded light matching existing patterns or tints

We also remake leaded lights where repair is just not possible, we remake all leaded lights to get an exact match or in some cases where patterns or tints are obsolete to use the closest alternative.



Regal Meadow can improve your energy efficiency,

We recommend changing your glass to A-rated glass which is made up of a thermal bar and energy coated glass. If you get condensation running down your glass on cold mornings/nights by changing your glass this can reduce condensation and improve the heat in your home or office.